Dear Britt, this week I've been #7

5:28 PM

Dear Britt,

I guess it's kind of weird to write you a letter since I've seen you at least every other day this week.
But I'm going to do it anyway, just because it's fun.
This week was supposed to be a week filled with major lie-ins, running errants and dinnerdates with friends.
But it ended up being a week where I ticked off the majority of my gigantic TO-DO list.. which is great because I will get sucked back into Amsterdam starting tomorrow.
So I did finally send my camera back to get it fixed! *pats self on the shoulder*, I wrote blogposts, baked things and saw a lot of friends. On top of that I had the best sisterdate ever and went to Amsterdam with the mini-me to have burgers and see Fink! That was probably the best night/ concert I've ever had/seen.
I won't bother you too much with all the details (you will see them in the vlog).
Because I also vlogged at least five days this week. I don't know how interesting it will be, because it's basically me eating (way too many burgers and fries), laughing and wandering through Amsterdam.
Oh and of course there was the amazing Halloweenparty with my class last night. #waytoomuchwine #brilliantcostume (more in the vlog)
I could've done more this week, when it comes down to homework and studying, but then again I finally had a week off. I loved spending time with my family and friends and I am ready for the second half of this semester. But first some pampering and dinner with friends tonight.
I hope you enjoyed yourself as well this week.
So this was another short but sweet letter. I  love you and I will talk to you soon!

Kisses on your elbows,


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