Dear Britt, this week I've been #4

my brain/life this week; stress- yet colourfull!

Dear Britt,

Sorry I didn't write you a letter last week.. But since we saw eachother in real life I thought you wouldn't mind me skipping one.
First of all; I am in love with your Dear Romy vlog.. It is one of the sweetest things anyone has ever done for me and I feel superduper special just thinking about it! I love you babester!
Now second: What a relief you found your phone.. I completely understand the 'not panicking', since I'm not really married to my phone (read, not checking it for an entire day and then try to find it.. not knowing when the last time was I actually held it). But it's always nice to know that there are amazing people walking around on this planet who won't steal your phone but just give/bring it back.

It sounds like you've had a great week, I was completely in love with this weeks weather as well!
But aside from that.. this has been the most stressfull week since school started..
It all started on saturday.. And it only got worse with less hours of sleep and being less and less prepared for my classes. I really cried a lot of stress- tears this week.
Which was not because of my current school. Those classes were even more fun then the previous weeks. We had a class where we had to sing in front of the entire class and two teachers for the first time. Well for me it wasn't a new class, but it was really special to sing in front of (half of ) my new class. I loved every single bit off it! And I can't wait untill we get to do it again.
I think I'm slowly turning into a singer.. Not a bad thing.. But I am just really comfortable with singing. Which it such a difference with my first year at my previous school, where I was so terrified to sing that I would hyperventilate and ugly cry afterwards. (it wasn't a nice view)
Things have been changing around here.. nice!!
As I've said before this weeks theme was stress.. so there's not much more for me to tell you.
Oh except for the fact that we're not only shooting again this weekend, but you're also playing a foodphotographer for me and my dear classmate. We are going to bake pretty things this weekend
and of course you'll also be our food-tester! It's a win-win!
The details will be delivered to you via a lovely voicememo! 
I am proud of you too my love, you're going to kick some serious arss *Gerard Butler voice* this week!

Kisses on your elbows,


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