Dear Britt, this week I've been #5

I loved shooting our autumnal outfits yesterday!! 

Dear Britt,

Just reading about how proud you are of yourself and your classmates makes my heart glow.. Can you imagine my glowing heart?
What a great feeling and state of mind are you in right now. And I am so excited to see where these auditions will get you. Because I will be the proudest friend in the world on the night of your premier.
This week has been a really good one. I am finally at a point where I actually realise I am studying at the Theatreschool of Amsterdam. And that it is the only school I could be at right now.
My classes went great, I have learned so much, my head explodes.. And I have had the loveliest after school chatty- kathy sessions with my classmates.
I am slowly starting to realise that I am good enough for this school.. Which is weird because I've already been here a couple of months. But it's more like I finally know how much I'm already capable of doing and what my actual base is, when it comes down to acting, singing and dancing. There's so much I want to explore and try, just to see how much it fits me and my (theatrical) personality. And I get 4 full years to do that with teachers who want to teach and inspire and classmates with so much talent and drive it's overwhelming.
I got so much energy from going to school this week. But after reading & studying Hamlet and Brecht songs and writing monologues all week I was so happy to finally spend time with my family on friday. And to have some quality-time with you.
My sister and I don't see eachother for days and then all of a sudden I'm home before midnight and it all gets a bit confusing. We're still trying to figure out how to compromise on the weekends.
I live in the Hague but I'm alive in Amsterdam (how dramatic.. but you get the point) and knowing that I will be moving out soon is both scary and exciting.
I cannot wait untill I have my own place in Amsterdam and that going home actually means I am going back to spend some time with family and friends and not just because I cannot sleep at school.

I am going back to trying to fit in as many things of my to-do list as possible within the next hour.

Love you lots. Kisses on your elbows,


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