Flashback Friday

here's a high five from a cat, to make it up to you! <3
Hello there kitty cats,

Yeah, so this posting every other day thing isn't really working out like I planned..
I am so sorry to be late once again.
But I went to the Fink concert last night and had burgers in Amsterdam with my little sister, so there was no time for me to edit and upload this on time.
(But don't you worry, I vlogged it all, so I hope I can edit and upload that somewhere next week to make it up to you?!)
As always I forget to edit my vlogs, but since I had a week off, I thought it would be nice to finally get shizz done.
So as any other cool person in this world says; friday means flashbacks. What a way to cover my late editing!
But Here's a vlog from the last day of summer.
The day before I went to school in Amsterdam and never saw my friends again.. *dramatic cry* 
(Jokes! I see them tonight, for more food and (champagne/beer) giggles.)
Since I will start on my second half of the first semester on monday I thought this would be the appropriate vlog for a little flashback session.
Enjoy my munckin kittens!

Kisses on your elbows.


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