A night at the theatre

Hello there kitty cats,

I'm sorry I've been so MIA... My life just got to hectic and stressfull to blog!
But I am back! ...With another outfitpost! *happy tears*
Welcome to October.. the first autumnal month!
In the Netherlands the sun's out, after two eternal weeks of rainy shitty days..
So I can still wear my 20 denier tights.. What a time to be alive!! One other great thing about autumn is that I can crack out my warmer coats again! I bought way to many coats this year.. and I'm still planning on buying new ones. So the colder weather is a great time to show them off!
After not seeing Britt in, what feels like a year but is actually, 2 weeks. We finally planned a datenight; with outfitshooting, amazing pizza and a night at the theatre.
After spending most of my nights at the theatre in just jeans and a shirt I really wanted to make an effort.. Things got kind of overdressed.. But I really liked it!

did you notice I have braids again?! And this updo is kind of my signature hairstyle now..

I'm really in love with this outfit! It's a combination of colours I would never wear usually. Yet it's still in my comfort zone. I have evolved this love for playsuits and this blue one is deffinetely one of my favourites!! The black boots have a high heel, yet they're not as dressed up as high heels are.
The coat was on my wishlist since Marks & Spencer first opened in the Hague. It was limited addition and last christmas (I gave you my heart) I bought it in the sale.. They only had my size left.. talking about destiny. Oh and the clutch was love at first sight.. I've had it for 2 years now.. It was one of the first things I saw at the Topshop on Oxfordstreet and I couldn't take my mind off it. I bought it with my last pounds and never had a special occasion to wear it to. This night and this outfit were just perfect.
I had a lovely night, thanks Britt-love for being my Nigel Barker

What am I wearing?

Playsuit: New Look similar here and here
Coat: Marks & Spencer similar here
Boots: Zara similar here
Clutch: Topshop similar here

(All things worn in these pictures are at least a couple of years old.. or already out of stock/ the collection.. So I'm sorry for not being able to find the exact same ones!)
Kisses on your elbows,


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