'Spring me up'

Hello there kitty cats,

It is spring, after such dramatic weather but a sunny easter weekend. I can deffinetly feel the springvibes vibrating through the center of the earth. Or maybe it's just my hayfever.. I don't know yet
Anyway. With spring comes this urge of happy-groovy- let's-dance-and-mimic-a long -all-day -every day-kind of songs.
And I think I found my new favourite.
Everytime I hear Jennifer Hudson sing, I instantly start to smile, It's because she's one of the leading lady's in my all time favourite musical films 'Dreamgirls'. And because this woman's voice is just out of this world. And I have to admit, I also kinda like me some Iggy every once in a while.
So those two combined made the perfect 'Spring me up' song.
This is my song for the next couple of months, untill sumertime I think.
It's a pick me up, energyboosting, positive dancing and let's pretend we're just as great vocalists as Jennifer Hudson, kind of song.
Do you need more deffinitions, 'cause I can go on forever!

I will put this song on replay like it's the last time I can hear. Dramatic? me?! what made you think so? I may also get is as my ringtone..

Enjoy the sun my little bumblebees

Kisses on your elbows,


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