April favourites

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here's a very springish photo of a cat, thanks to the cats of instagram account! 

Hello there kitty cats,

I hope you enjoyed April as much as I did, it was sunny, the most springlike we've had so far #hayfever, so this month has deffinetly destroyed my make up more then the other ones (watery eyes, drippy nose, you know the drill).
But it was most of all another lovely month, so I hope you are ready for lot's and lot's of Throwbacks, since it's actually thursday and I want to be one of the cool kids.
My april favourites; let's go over it one more time!

My sister is trying really hard not to laugh,but it was obviously something hilarous I said that made us laugh ;)

1. Getting stuck at work because one of my co-workers forgot to leave the key.. Not the most amazing experience this month. But my delirious colleague was so funny. I've never laughed so much due to such a sad situation 2. Pretending to be doctors/interns a la Greys Anatomy during a flashmob, but without Mcdreamy or Mcsteamy on board.. *sad smiley* 3. Eating all the eastereggs with my chummybum 4. Easter cellebrations with the fammelam 5. A very productive monday

Baking these baby's was also a big favourite, fancy a recipe/tutorial anyone?

6. The audition I dreaded for so long, hearing that is was a good one (but I don't know if I got accepted yet.. I'll keep you posted on that one) 7. A workshop crowdfunding, slept through half of it, but it was super interesting 8. Pretending to be a hairdresser whilst singing 'Let it go' again.. lot's of pretending this month 9. Chocolate giggles, risotto and lot's of balloons with Zahide and Meryl #vloginprogress 10.The best/sweetest/most adorable present ever from my chummy, 'cause she's so proud of me!

I just love her

11. A reunion with my people 12. The loveliest cut out ankle boots 13.One of my best friends stopping by at work and ending up talking all evening just so we could cycle home together 14. The loveliest day with Britt watch that vlog here 15. The best high waisted jeans 16. Watching my friends perform their graduation perfomance 17. Catching up on all the YouTube video's on a lazy sunday 18. Vlogging a lot (those vlogs are still in progress) 19. Bright orangy- red lipstick 20. Adjusting my blog like a pro!

21. Watching (and running into another) a former teacher perform with the chumster 22. The dreamiest trenchcoat (did someone say outfitshoot?!?) 23. Kingsday Zwerriestyle; lots of food, laughter, passionate discussions and 30 seconds 'till the break of dawn 24. The most beautifully packaged granola 25. Dinner and drinks with my girl Limi from the amazing blog The Fime I really love that girl to bits 26. Staying up 'till 5 AM making marsepein roses for birthdaycupcakes (best reason ever to forget about sleep, isn't it?) 27. Introducing new people to Brookies!

I just love baking.. 

Well that's all, I think!
I hope you all had a lovely month and I really want to say thank you for reading my blog and making me feel like me blog actually makes a difference! 
Enjoy the rest of your week baby koala's

Kisses on your elbows,


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