have a seat in this ball pit

Hello there kitty cats,

Being an artist is in my opinion the most fun profession out there. You just have to be yourself and then you can pretend to be whoever you want to be on stage. people actually pay to see you pretending like you're someone else. rediculous isn't it? Well I'm not complaining.
But if I really have to point out a not so amazing side of the job; it's auditions. And that all starts from the moment you sign up,up untill the moment you walk into that room full of people who are going to judge not only you're talent, but also the way your hair looks, what shoes you're wearing and if you're capable of acting like they want to see on stage.

Yes it is horrible if you look at it that way. Why do I want this again?!
But one of the things that also come with auditioning is meeting new people. People who you would never meet if it wasn't for that audition. And you all share two thing; Nervs and the eagerness of wanting that part or getting in. And because you share these things and you know that from one another, it's so much easier to talk to eachother then when you were at a busstop or just in a cafĂ©. Well at least that's what I've noticed, with all the auditioning I've been doing lately.

The other day I stumbled upon another amazing video from Soulpancake;
And I think this describes exactly what happens in the waiting room at an audition.
So If you're curious, click on the video!

Just like every other video of the genius creators of Soulpancake, this just screams positivity.
Something I swear  by. So next time I audition I will just think of it in a positive way. 'cause even the judges are just new people I want to meet and share my passion with. At least we already have one thing in common. The place where we are and the play/school/musical we want to/ are working on/for.

Kisses on you elbows,


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