March favourites

Happy april fools!! If that's even a holiday.. And if not; Happy April!
Hello there munckin kittens, (oeh, you thought I was going to say kitty cats didn't you? Well I'm not as predictable as you think I am)

Welcome, welcome to the anual monthly favourites.
As you should know or can predict by now, In this post I'll be talking about my favourite moments/products/people/things throughout the month of March.
This month has gone by so superfast, eventhough it counted 31 days. It's just because I had a lot of big things in march, so I basically lived up to those moments. And all the gaps inbetween have dissapared.. #Alzheimerlight
March was sunny, lovely, filled with laughter and lots of exciting things, let's have a little look shall we *Britney voice* hit me baby one more time:

a little twirl in my coat

1. Auditioning in Amsterdam 2. Singing with Meryl and Zahide, which included singing Frozen's 'Let it go' multiple times watch the vlog and the blogpost that came with it here 3. Reading Yes please by Amy Poehler (I think this one will stay in my monthly favourites untill I finish it ;) )4. Days filled with sunshine 5. Seeing friends perform

best carrotcake.. ever

6. Being reunited with friends I hadn't seen since my birthday!! 7. A big random Greek dinner with lots of friends 8. Washing my hair after getting rained on 9. exchanging creativity and feeling inspired by/with new people 10. Getting icecream with ma girl

not the most charming one, but you get the idea

11. outfitshooting with Britt and wearing my red coat for the first time 12. My little sisters awkward but oh so cute dancing 13. Getting winked at 14. Being told my English is remarkable 15. The first chocolate eggs 16. Soaking wet, frizzy hair and not feeling stressed out. 17. Norah Jones 18. Mexican food, as always 19. An old friend's birthdayparty which included salsadancing and vodka gummybears, lots of catching up and laughter.. lovely night!

20. this grey nailpolish 21. being told I'm appreciated 22. high waisted jeans

Well that's all!
I hope you had a lovely month and you're enjoying April so far!

Kisses on your elbows,


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