September favourites

6:28 PM

Hello there kittycats,

And welcome in october!!!!

It really feels like I wrote my august favourites only a couple of days ago. But yet here we are again.
Another month has past and WOW a lot has happened in september.
Nervous breakdowns, lovely meals, blowing bubbles, buying coats and scarfs and high heels and ridiculous amounts of time spend in the Body shop.

Here are my september favourites:

1. reminiscing over old Anastacia songs (I had her albums on repeat for months when I was little) 2. finding a coat I've wanted a long time ago in the sale 3. urgent and lovely visits to a dear friend 4. birthday celebrations on the beach, with mermaids, sailors and long lost friends.

blowing bubbles and I look like a mole.. 

5. being a little white elephant 6. creating an even bigger crush on Tony Goldwyn 7. watching Zoella's and Tanya's daily vlogs 8. spending time in the bodyshop.. it's not okay the girl even started to recognize me
9. being captured on a polaroid

shake it like a polaroid

10. cooking risotto for the first time and it was AMAZING... (I had a nervous breakdown while cooking that dish...) 11. the best chocolate cake ever! 12. lovely days with Merel 13. cute cupcake-image-having presents
14. banana bread 15. cuddles 16. seeing my face (and Meryls) in the videoclip we shot in June 17.creating the perfect to do list/ goals in life list. 18. finding the most amazing, perfect/dream school!

first time bananabread/cake

19.popcorn 20.nice people at Lush 21. being mentioned (or my co-worker) on Twitter for having a nice smile, by one of our customers (I don't know for sure) 22. voice messages on whatsapp. 23. my friends cat 24. doing random brand new day flashmobs for people who don't care! 25. doing a 100 squads a day for the past 4 weeks.. it wasn't my favourite thing to do, but being able to do it was really nice! *pads own shoulders* 26. the whole seaweed line of skincare products from the bodyshop! 27. writing blogposts

And one last picture because this night was just so lovely and nostalgic.

reunited and it feels so good!

I hope you all had an amazing month!
Mine was so nice.. and lovely!

Kisses on your elbows,


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