Autumn; the makeup bag

Hello there kittycats,

As I said in my last blogpost one of the things I find a lot of fun to do and very nice and refreshing, is buying a new more autumnal makeup bag. I did that.. in august I think Oops..
Another thing is that the bag has to be filled up with more autumnal/colder -weather- appropriate- products; a thicker lipbalm, a powder (which I'm always a fan of).. you name it!

yes I did already post this picture on instagram last week!

This is the current content of my make-up bag.
As it gets a lot colder, we go out in the cold, go inside where the heat is on.. faces get sweaty, big scarfs brush of our make up and if like me you have really sensitive eyes, the wind (of just cold air) will make your eyes water like a MOFO! So the products you put in your make up bag should be really easy to reapply and not to much (or big)  to carry with you.

I am married to my concealer as always, but I also get a lot paler during the colder months, so the mac pro longwear concealer (which I intentionally got in a lighter shade) is perfect for this time of year, I do blend the edges with my maybeline fit me concealer (which is a tat orange) just to make it look a lot more natural. And if you don't want to spend that much money on a concealer just think about a creamy concealer from whatever brand you like.
most skins get a lot dryer during this time of year. So this is a great way to prevent flaky looking "eye areas".

Bottom right is the new love of my lips; the Bodyshop honey mania lipbalm. Very nice, rich and soft, nourishes the lips and is a true winner at life at the moment.

As I said I'm always a fan of a great powder and the right size of brush to reapply it with. I have very oily skin, so my powder just vanishes throughout the day. I hate reapplying my make up, but If you have a very long day where you have to look good (think work and a night out/dinner afterwards) you really need a powder to save your face. So I use one from Hema, a true bargain and match to my skintone!

And then there are my basic products, the core of my make up bag; the liquid eyeliner, the eyebrow pencil, eyebrow gel (to keep those wolverine looking manes in place) and a light beige (slighty shimmery) eyeshadow to highlight the browbone and innercorners. (and a mini chanel mascara that I got in a Elle magazine)

- thicker lipbalm (purol is also amazing)
- powder and a good travelsized brush ( I have the H&M kabuki brush)
- creamy concealer. (Mac, maybeline, Hema, Essence.. etc.)
 Oh and the mak up bag is also from H&M!

Of you go, into your make up drawer or bag to sort these things out, it's  a lot of  fun!

Kisses on your elbows,


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