a day with my person

it's so pretty

Hello there kitty cats,

Wow.. The last couple of months have been the weirdest in my life. (And that comes from the girl who studied musical theatre and does flash mobs for a living.. sort of (I like to be dramatic)
Nothing strange happened.. Everything just ended.. Life as I knew it ended. Which is also weird, so maybe everything has been a little weird.
Graduating, something I never thought would be happening this fast.
Not going to another performing arts or acting school.
Seeing my friends on a regular basis and actually being a normal 20 year old woman/girl.
Watching TV-shows on the Internet, like a normal person would. (and watching 2 1/2 seasons like a normal person would.. right?!)
And then the strangest thing ever: Getting my social workers degree within one year. SAY WHAT?!!

I don't know what I'm doing.. Well I do, I'm working and getting (another) degree.
But I mean, it is the first time in a very long time that I am the only one who decides what's going to happen in the next months/year.
That is really weird. I like to plan or at least sketch a plan, so I know where I'm going or where I want to go. (but in the past four years I didn't need a plan 'cause the plan was; going to school.)
And now I still have a plan and it's a really big one, but I have so much space for a lot of other things all of a sudden...

So I spend almost all of my Thursdays with my lovely, amazing, I-love-her-so-much-I'll-explode, best friend Merel.
And I love these little moments we plan once a week so much.
It's just one day a week when we see each other in real life and we discuss everything we already talked about over the phone or new things that have happened in the meantime. And it's just SO lovely!

So yes, I am studying and working a lot and doing a lot of other things I made a commitment to a while ago.
But once a week I get to spend some time with my friend and ramble and laugh and cry about life.
Or about that one amazing TV-show we both love *cough SCANDAL cough* or go and wonder around the Zara home store..
And that is a day I always look forward to the most.
A day with my person.

I love this scene, I cried.. hardcore Grey's anatomy fan in tha house..

So the best advice I could give you today: Spend time with your person!

Kisses on your elbows,


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