Autumn; the survival guide


Hello there kittycats,

As I'm writing this the millionth rainstorm has finally stopped.
It is really autumn, we had sunshine and cloudy days, but today I woke up with frizzy hair and dry lips (And I NEVER have dry lips ánd wear lipbalm all the time) so mother nature and I are finally able to confirm that it really is autumn.
I am not a huge autumn fan, okay I F*CKING HATE IT!!!! (sorry mom) Afro's and rain just don't go well together..  So autumn, just go back to wherever you came from and go rain on some one else's afro you freakin' retard!!
*calms herself down..*
As I said, I'm not a huge autumn fan, I love the mustard coloured leaves and the burgundy scarfs, but other then that. No thank you, I'll wait for the snow to fall, whilst listening to Mariah Carey's christmas album.

But to make autumn a little bit more fun I made myself a list with tips and tricks to make killing time before winter/ christmas bearable.

1. Take pictures of your feet in a pile of leaves, very instagram worthy and you have a lovely walk.
2. bake something (with salted caramel).
3. carve a pumpkin or just buy one because it's autumn.
4. discover new kinds and flavours of tea, hot chocolate is better during the winter.
5. put new products in your makeup bag (it's refreshing and fun)
6. Buy a new more autumnal makeup bag.
7. wear a berry/winered coloured lipstick /gloss/balm.
8. celebrate thanksgiving, eventhough you're not American, I'm also going to,. (and it's a great oppertunity to try out new recipes)
9. make a soothing, yet uplifting autmnal playlist on your phone/Ipod/Spotify.
10. buy scented candles and burn them whenever you can, It's constantly raining, you'll be spending a lot of time inside.. You really want it to smell nice! Trust me..

and last but not least;
11. it's okay to be upset with autumn and the rain.. but.. Christmas is only 9 weekends away! Chin up pumpkin..

That's it!
I am a true winterlover to the bone, like hardcore.. so autumn is always a nice period to adjust from summer to winter, gradually. But it's also a pain in my freshly washed, naturally frizzy afro!
As you may already know by now I love making little lists like this.
So I hope it helps/inspires you!

coloured leaves and kisses on your elbows,


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