One year later..

12:00 AM

Hello there kitty cats,

Uhm, so I missed the one year anniversary of my blog..
I am sorry! I wish I had a really good excuse about being on  a plane back from New York where I had meetings about the book I am writing..or something like that.
But no..
I got really sick last night.. So I layed in bed, watched the Perks of being a wallflower and had some pasta. Such a wildchild.
So tonight while I was waiting for a video to load, I thought I'd look up when I wrote my first blogpost.. And that was yesterday one year ago,
Massive FAIL!

So now I am going to try and write a blogpost about how I started this blog one year (and one day) ago by sharing a blogpost I wrote to go up as one of my first posts.
Because that basicly sums it all up.

Well hello there strangers, least for now 'Cause I hope you will be reading my blog for a very long time! And if that is the case, we will get to know eachother a lot better over the next few months or even weeks!

My name is Romy and I am a 20 years young, full of joy, daydreamer at heart, confetti and life loving girl from The Netherlands. (wauw, that was a very long sentence)
I just graduated from college where I studied musical theatre.
Yes I want to become a performer, singer, dancer, actress the whole package!

But over the past few years I've  realised that there are so many other things that I am also interested in, like beauty, fashion, photography, cupcakes (baking and decorating them).

And instead of just thinking about it or talking about it to people who don't really care, I thought I should just share it on a blog.
My own little creation on the internet where I will share my thoughts, laughs and 'joie de vivre' moments in life, with all of you. The people that care.. I hope!

Have fun reading about the things, places and people I love and join me in this whirlwind of happines!

Life is good, confetti makes it great!

Love Romy

So here we are one year and one day later.
Happy as a baby alpaca, crazy numbers (71 followers on bloglovin, getting closer and closer to 3000 pageviews) and best of all; a cosy little space on the internet where I can talk about the things I like, the people I love and my hopes, dreams, fantasies and awkward stories.
Shared with all of you who are reading this.

Let's make this week Life with confetti's birthweek, (So I won't feel like such a dick for missing the actual birthday!)

my face when I realised I missed my own anniversary..

I will talk to you soon!

Kisses on your elbows,


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