Another people appriciation post

Hello there kitty cats,

It seems like all I do is appriciate people and talk about my fantasies.
Well that's basicly what I do in life.. I appriciate everything and everyone and I fantasize about the future (wheither that's next week or next year)
So I am sorry, that I'm not sorry but here's another post about one of my amazing friends!

I have mentioned her so many times before! She also always seems to be a part of my blogposts.
I am talking about my dear friendsy, fellowblogger, fellow fangirl (we seem to be crazy obsessed with the same things.. eventhough she's always the first one to love something/someone) and most of all amazingly talented and beautiful girly girl girl yep I just made that a thing!!

Ladies, gents and fellowbloggers meet Britt:

Britt and I met as freshmans in highschool. I don't know how we became friends, I guess it just happened.
We talked one time and it clicked. A little connection that made sure that whenever we'd see eachother (weither it had been months, weeks or even days) we were always able to pick up right where we left off.

Everyone likes Britt. Weither she's your best friend or just your best friends neighbour. She's the girl everyone will like or at least has something nice to say about.
She likes to laugh and has a constant smile on her face, except when she's trying to focus. Then she has a doodoo face.
On thing Britt is allmost as passionate about as musicaltheatre: FOOD!
The thing I love most about Britt is let's call it the fire inside her, the passion that gives her the drive to do everything she does with full dedication.
She'll never complain about the things she loves (except on her blog, but that's like a dairy; private... but on the internet for everyone to read.. okay I am not making a point here..)
She got into the school of her dreams, got here own place, has an amazing blog and is being the woman I have always seen her for.  (that's not even English is it??) take 2: The woman I always knew she was deep down, but shitty people and stupid things got in the way.

check out her blog:
If that makes any sence.. Britt you are the woman you want to become, you just haven't accomplished everything at the same time. 'Cause if you would've you would probably be bored out of your eyeballs by now. Take your time to create the life you've always wanted and when all the pieces fall into place I'll be there, with confetti and a cake!

Who's next?

Kisses on your elbows,


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