The brightest red birthdaypresent

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Hello there Kitty cats,

You should know by now that on February the 4th it was my birthday.
And since I have been a little MIA throughout february, I didn't get to do a "What I got for my birthday" post. This will be a little teaser of that post. But after this one you should prepare yourself for some of that birthdayjazz on this side of the web.
As I mentioned in my January favourites, I got the most amazing pre-pre-pre-birthday present in the world; shaped like a bright red, collarless, wool, satin lined- COAT!!! The always lovely and wonderful Meryl got it weeks before my birthday. But with the weather being all kinds of poop, I didn't get the chance to actually wear it. But last sunday was basically spring. If you ignored the ICECOLD wind.
So it was time to take the newest addition to my wardrobe, out for a spin.
And of course, some outfitphoto's had to be taken..

Ladies and Gents, may I introduce to you; the new love of my life!

just LOOK AT IT!!!
There was a lot of wind, so of course I cried like a baby..
this park is amazing, and the sun was just.. ugh.. love love love!!

I am still in love with these cut out ankle boots I got last year!

Random dancing, 'cause the sun came out to play

Isn't this coat a dream? The colour, the silhouet, everything! *sigh*
I used to have a bright red coat when I was little.. But over the past couple of years I turned to the more darker side of coats. Easier colours, that blended in with the world. how poetic It's really out my comfort zone in a way.
I like bright coloured sweaters, dresses and heels. But a coat is a different cookie! hmm.. cookies! 
But I LOVE it!
It's still the standard jeans. boots and a shirt combo. but the black high waisted jeans and the cut out ankle boots have such a different vibe. This coat is so sophisticated, yet playfull because of the colour. And it's perfect for springtime; warm enough to wear over just a t-shirt. But thin enough to wear when the sun's out!
My spring wardrobe is almost complete.
What are you looking most forward to wearing in springtime?

What am I wearing?
Coat: New Look here
T-shirt: H&M similar here
High waisted jeans: Asos here
Cut out ankle boots; Asos similar 

Kisses on your elbows,


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