February favourites

In loving memory of my birthday

Hello there kitty cats,

And welcome to you too MARCH!!! This wasn't a month. This was a two week break after january!
It was the loveliest month ever though! It was my birthday, I spend a lot of time with friends, spend a lot of money on things that had been on my wishlist since.. Buddha knows when. 
So whilst I was busy with all of these things, it has been kind of quite around here. Sorry about that!
I am planning on writing more and taking more photo's, vlogs, the whole shabang. Starting this afternoon when another outfit will be captured by/with Britt.
Curious about what I have been doing whilst I wasn't here, talking to you?
Here are my february favourites:

1. My birthday (of course) 2. And the party that came with it.. wrote about those in my previous blogpost 3. Getting the one thing I would've never bought myself 4. Shrinking down a size jeans can I get a WHOOP WHOOP 5. Spending money on things I want 6. The best birthdaylunch EVER, including nacho's and all the mexican deliciousness 7. The clinique custom repair serum 8. H&M nailpolish in Urban Girl 9. Having coffee with a long lost friend and realizing nothing has changed 10. The Body shop cleansing butter

just look at it!!

11. Yes please by Amy Poehler 12. Tony chocolate with marshmellows!!! 13. Finally singing again 14. Eating sushi on the train,lots of it 15. The NYFA information session, I haven't felt that many butterflies is a very long time.. this is the school of my dreams

16. Baking lots and lots of red velvet cupcakes 17. Having my person on my actual birthday! 18. Secret food stealing sessions by the Zwerries, so I wouldn't starve 19. My co-workers saving me some samples 20. Kinderbueno's

another favourite: polaroid pictures

21. Seeing my friends and old classmates perform and being exactly what I thought/hoped they would be; Outstanding 22. Signing up for auditions 23. Spending a rainy afternoon shopping with the Schwesterstunde 23. silly cat video's 24. Epic Scandal episodes!! 25. Getting a bicycle so I can cycle from the station to Meryl's house instead of walking *crying out of love for this woman*

That was my amazing, lovely month. I hope you had the best february ever.
And I will talk to you soon. Did somebody say oufit post?!
On to march I guess!

I need this sweater in my life..

Kisses on your elbows,


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