How did I get here?

this basically, but I needed more words, as always
Hello there kitty cats,
Okay, so this is where I've gotton so far. On my way to my second audition. Calm, steady and ready for what's about to come. Keeping lyrics and lines in the back of my mind so I won't make a fool out of myself during the show tomorrow. Thinking about the ingrediĆ«nts that I Will be needing to bake brookies later tonight.(which didn't happen after all) And looking at my semi-chipped nailpolish and frizzy and not so good hair and being completely fine with it.. The nails are a serious struggle but there's nothing I can do about it now.. Is there?!!How did I get here? From the girl who felt lost but motivated, scared about what this year would bring. To the girl who just hopped on a train for the second time this month so she can audition for the school of her (Dutch!!) dreams and do it without blinking twice. It's pretty amazing if I can say so myself. I don't know when it happened. But I think  it all started here, sort of.. I definitely wrote a lot after the summer, 'cause I needed a place to express my creativity and a place to expose myself on. In a good way. The kind of exposing which will get you to where you want to be. A good place, a great place. I think what happened is that I started to feel that just being who and what I am is good enough to grow from. I don't have to be on a certain level or in a certain place before I can grow, develope and create. Or even more important; be content. Right now I am in this magical place where I feel no pressure from within, or as Amy Poehler says; the demon went to bed, or back in it's closet/cabbin in the woods or some other scary place you can think off. After God knows how many years, the demon went to bed. And I don't know how long this nap will take, but I am loving it. I can finally start to really live life with confetti! I wish I could tell you how you can send your demon to bed, but I don't know what's haunting you. All I know is that you CAN put your demon to bed or back to it's closet. And the day will come when you realise it already happened. And all you had to do was just be. Continue to be. Kisses on your elbows,   Romy

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