About last sunday

10:50 AM

Hello there kitty cats,

I am trying to get back on track with the whole blogging at least once a week thing.
So after another outfitpost, I thought you might like to see another sunday vlog!
Last sunday I finally got to sing again (one of the things on my bucketlist whoopwhoop)!! So I spend my day in Utrecht with Meryl and Zahide.
We were girls, who were working at Albert Heijn, who were madly, deeply and truly in love with their manager. And of course the most amazing songs suitable for the situation (think 'I just wanna make love to you' and Let it go).. yes Frozen's let it go.
Unfortunately I didn't get to film the actual performance.. *awkward vlogging while performing*... If only I could pull that off.
But I did vlog everything else we did that day. It was a dream of a sunday. The sun was out, I was performing with my friends and had a lovely burger with Anouk dearest, who I also spend some time with afterwards.

Yes this vlog is in Dutch.. I'm really having a hard time demanding my friends to speak English when I'm vlogging.. so you'll get bilangual vlogs from me.. that's the best solution I think.
If like me you live in the Netherlands, I hope you're enjoying the sunshine as much as I do!
I'll talk to you later chimmichanga's

Kisses on your elbows,


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