Spring survival guide

12:00 AM

Hello there kitty cats,

Whilst I am writing this post, snot is dripping from my nose, my tearduct highlighter is being faded by the tears that are streaming from my watery eyes.. and I want to scratch my throat and mouth and eyes out.. Yes this is me winning at life people.
Eventhough the calendar says spring isn't here until the end of march.. my body has activated it's spring essentials.. the side effects of hayfever.

Okay enough with the nagging.. I love spring. It is my favourite season, the sun's out so you can start wearing denim jackets again and show a little bit of skin. Without melting away in your own sweat or freezing your nipples off, which are hidden under 10 layers of clothing.
It's the best of both worlds!
And as with every season, Spring also has it's own survivalguide.. let's go over it.
!Warning: this may be hayfever themed!

In springtime you will need:

1. A New more spring appropriate colored make up bag
2. A variaty of tissue's, with the loveliest packaging (I reccomend you go to flying tiger)
3. A denim jacket
4. The nicest soft pink blush or lipstick
5. Pastel colored nailpolish, lot's of it
6. A back up of your hayfever medicines in every purse you own
7. Flowers, lot's of flowers
8. Big sunglasses (to protect your sensitive eyes from your enemy; springwind)
9. A striped shirt, especially a red and white or a bright blue and white one.
10. A cleansing butter or the Clarins gentle eye make up remover, to sooth your sensitive eyes.
11. Some waterproof mascara and eyeliner, 'cause you know.. the tears are never going to stop!
CHECK?!I hope this will make spring a little bit easier for you lovely bumblebees.
I know you're having trouble to find the right outfit at this point, but things will get better, just give it some time..
You shoulndn't be walking around with a frown on your face during springtime.
There are baby sheeps and other cute baby animals being born and the trees have green leaves again, and another thing; did you notice the sun?!
Kisses on your elbows,


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