so no matter what happens next.. never forget that!

Hello there kitty cats,

Yesterday I had a lovely night of hot chocolate and giggles with one of my oldest friends,
We have known eachother for so long.. And it's so funny to know each and every habbit about eachother as well. I love knowing little fun and weird habbits and things about people, it's what makes them interesting and the person they are today.
So I thought it would be fun to write down 25 facts/things about me!
It might be a bit TMI.. so be prepared.. And if that's your Pretty young thang; Here's 25 facts about me:

1. I talk to myself a lot (mostly because I am finishing conversations from that day, or the one before.. And I come up with much better answers or comebacks then I originally) And maybe I'm a little crazy..
2. The most common colour in my wardrobe is cream (both summer tops and jumpers/sweaters)
3. I used to be obsessed with hair accessoiries, to the point where I had a whole drawer full of them and half of them still had the pricetag on.
4.  I have three little birthmarks in a diagonal row, down my right collarbone.
5. I want a cat so bad, but I am really worried about all the hair around the house, It's probably the only reason why I wouldn't get one.
6. I love eating icecream in the winter.. yes so I can really become one with the cold.. (But I'll always eat it with a piece of tissue paper around it.. you know so my hands won't freeze off)
7, I am the most picky person in the world when it comes down to shoes and clothes.. It's exhausting!
But thank god for ASOS.
8. I'm not so secretly still wishing my mom tells me I am actually British (and Idris Elba is my dad.. not for me but for her.)
9. If you're a girl and you're my friend or I know you.. And you have chipped/barely there/not so clean fingernails/nailpolish.. I will be really disapointed on the inside.
10. I used to wear gold eyeshadow all the time, it was my staple.. nowadays I can't even be bothered  to put on eyeshadow.

we all do that, right?

11. Whenever I see a TV show where a boy is getting bullied or not getting a girlfriend, I feel/know for a fact that I would be a perfect match for him. And he would love me forever.
12. I love my food and hot drinks extra hot (temprature wise) but can't be bothered to blow on each bite.. So I always burn my tung/mouth. Always
13. Whenever a celebrity/famous person dies, I think; Another person I will never be able to meet.
14. I used to say/think that the gap between my frontteeth would close when I turned 16.  I know better now, don't worry.
15. In my head I have auditioned for each and every TV show that involves singing.. when in real life I would never ever do that.
16. I never have all the shoes I like/need.. my wardrobe is always developing.. (something about being picky I heard?)
17. I had this phase.. when I was obsessed with chiffon blouses.. I had them in so many colours it was all I would wear.. I have more clothes now and got rid of most blouses!
18. I love cleaning my ears with a cotton bud so much that I sometimes do it twice a day.
19. In a drawer full of bra's there's only two I love.
20. If I could switch life/appearance with anyone it would be with a brunette with long brown curly hair and full eyebrows.. I would wear dark red lipstick all the time..


21. I am very competetive, But I just suck at a lot of things. (I am talking about games, ask me to bake a cake and I'll beat you! at anytime)
22. I can never eat just one piece of chocolate.. NEVER I have to eat the whole thing, or at least half of it! Even if it's a cake.
23. I live by the phrase; treat people the way you want to be treated. So that's why I am ALWAYS nice to people and trying to be happy all the time.
24. I have really small elf-looking ears.
25. I call my little sister Donny (The Wild Thornberry's.. look it up!) she's not much of a Donny nowadays but I like to tease her, nothing but love, I promise!

sorry okay!

So here you have it, 25 (weird) facts about me, feels like we're best friends already huh?!
Tell me some of your weird habbits, maybe we're secret twins!!

Kisses on your elbows


p.s. by reading this blogpost you promise not to ever use these things against me, even if deserve it!

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