November favourites

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Hello there kitty cats,

What a month November has been! The first day was the most sunny weather we've had ever since summer left the bitch!and over the past two weeks I've been glued to my scarf and wintercoat (It's a dreamcombo).
It's so cold and crispy in the morning, evening and afternoon, I am in love!!
This month has been really busy and weird and all over the place and the days just slipt away.
Tomorrow December starts and christmas comes and I cannot wait!!
Like oh my god I went to Paperchase today and the christmascards, decoration, fairylights!!! and whatever you ascociate with christmas, are to DIE for!!

So let's get this show on the road before I loose it and go for a christmas shoppingspree!
Here are my november favourites!!

November 1st

1. The first day of November, just look at her! 2. Baking a red velvet cake  I may have had 2 slices
3. Wearing my big grey wintercoat 4. A night of laughter, drinks, pizza and a little reunion with  a couple of the most amazing people aka the musical classmates 5. Baking white chocolate chip cookies 6. The it-book,(am I one of the cool kids now?)7. An epic Scandal episode (or 4), tea and a lot of sugar and carbs 8. A night of music and talentedness all over yes that is a word now 9. Becca Rose's youtube channel I just know we could be best friends 10.Sexy customers at work (wink wink, notch notch)

the red velvet bae

11. Yoga with Adrienne (the 6 minute abs workout is amazing) 12. Good, great, healthy, longer!!! hair days 13. The perfect pink-ish sweater 14. Flasmobs and polaroidpictures 15.  Making my first move towards theatre again (We've had a little break, but we're back together and stronger then ever I just feel it) 16.Perfect eyeliner days 17. The best pick-up line/flirt ever.. while I was working.. how did that happen?! 18. Cold weather!! I am praying for snow.. Yes I am that kinda person. 19. Getting all the sweaters out again 20. The word 'oatmeal'

the book that officialy made me 10% cooler

21. listening to Stevie Wonder & Whitney Houston 22. snowfairy showergel 23. eating all the sugars! 24. Giving and receiving compliments 25. still having blog and all the lovely comments I got/still get.

look at the banner I made!!

I didn't take that many pictures this month, it was more of a living in the moment/ so much fun I forgot/didn't want to get my phone out kinda month!

Well that's it! Tomorrow the last month of 2014 starts..So let's make it a good one!
Maybe I'll try something like Blogmas, like vlogmas but for blogs.. get it??.. Try and write a blogpost every other day?! What should I write about? I have ideas but do you have suggestions? And will you join me Britt?

Kisses on your elbows,


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