Dancing with Myself

so this life is the big cat and I feel like the kitten/small cat right now!

Hello there kitty cats,
This is my 50th blogpost!!!! How lovely!!

And since this is my 50th blogpost it should be something nice and special right?!
We're sticking with the whole self-love theme here.. Feel like crap right now? Or just need a time out?
Here's the ultimate song/message for the days when you feel like a little ball of human, stuck in the foodprocessor called Life.
Well back off life, I trying to dance here! I need a minute or 3.08..

The ultimate fuck-it-and-fuck-you -but- not- really.. -song! The ultimate dance- around- the -house- without -needing -to -be- a- dancer- song! The ultimate just -sit- on- a -chair-and sing-a-long- while- drinking- wine- song.. this song suits all!

I'll try and write something more special later this week!

Kisses on your elbows,


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