October favourites

Hello there kitty cats,

First things first (I'm the reallest): Welcome to the lovely month NOVEMBER!!
In my book november means; winter! Eventhough it's not officially winter till somewhere mid december.. I really feel the christmas feels!
I already had my first hot chocolate (and my second and third) and it was amazing!
So before I totally lose myself in the wonderful land of fairylights, hot chocolats and christmas songs, let's go over one of the most autumnal months so far; October.

Here are my october favourites;

1. Nutella pancakes and losing my voice due to cry-laughter over failing at coaster games (I was in a restaurants with the munchkins I like to call Zweary's) 2. Going for a walk on a sunny day (while being sick, fresh air really helps) 3. the one year aniversary of my blog!!!!! 4.Watching 'the perks of being a wallflower (great American accent Emma!) 5. 1 night, 2 friends, a lot of wine and nacho chips (one of best nights this month) 6.Watching my mom changing childrens life's 7. Baking pancakes 8, Making my chummy Meryl an insanly sugary and unhealthy breakfast 9. Sleepovers (random and impulsive) 

2 of the the zweary's

10. Buying that one pair of chunky boots that were totally out of my comfortzone (But have been the key-item to all my outfit eversince) 11. Watching Scandal and reporting back to Meryl (forever in love with the music they use and Tony of course) 12. Listening to Lianne la Havas 13. Buying things at Zara home and spending way to much (money) time sniffing scented candles and roomsprays.

the healthy cookies, the only bad thing is the extra extra dark chocolate! ; )

14. Baking healthy cookies 15 forever eating bananabread 16, friends who stop by while I'm at work 17. The victoria secret 10!! minute workout 18. Wearing my parka with a big burgundy scarf 19.Sending a very original snapchat to a loved one 20. Little roadtrips with the Zweary's

the chunky boots and the burgundy scarf

21. Buying 3 lovely books 22. Hello vlogtober 23. & other stories. just WAUW 24. the scented candles at Urban outfitters 25. cake and tea on a sunny saturday 26. an amazing talk with capuccino (I was drinking it. not talking to it, I promise) 27. trying out new recipes (I made a pumpkin dinner thingy!!! Like a real autumnal mother.. ) 28. amazing lunch at a little diner I had never heard of before29. train selfie's with my little chick-a-lita aka the sister 30. Watching Lilo and Stitch after approximately 7 years.

Oh and this happened:

I just can't even express how amazing this is!
I wrote about the (at the time) rediculous amount of followers I had gained, in my August favourites.. and now two months later this.. Just wauw! I hope you still like/love my blog as much as I do!

Thank you so much for reading and I will talk to you very soon!

October has been amazing and lovely, nights and days that(while writing this post), I wish I had taken photo's of just to share that moment with you.. I hope this will do too!

Kisses on your elbows,


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