TUC #3 & 4

wait..  a two - in - one post? 

Hello there kittycats,

After a delicious stuff- your- face- meal with the famalam I did not have enough energy to tell you about the three lovely things I did/that happened that day.
So here are my top three's from both yesterday and today!

Yesterday (29th of August(us Waters)
1. Smiling (back) at (handsome) strangers
2. Shopping with a giftcard
3. The perfect dress, with the right amount of polkadots

1. Rehearsels with THE Metropole orchestra!!! (just like I do every once in a while.. 'cause I'm cool like that) NOT!
2. Chatting about everything with delicious coffee (and lovely people)
3. Naan bread.
bonus: 4. peeing, after holding it in for a very long time.. that was great as well!

So these are the lovely top three's of The ultimate challenge aka operation good vibes!
Tomorrow will be the last one!

Kisses on your elbows,


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