Disney princess the third

Hello there kittycats,

With all the tragedy in the world, the sun is very comforting. It keeps the days from being extra dark..
I'm smiling today because I'm here, here to spoil the world with little bits of sunshine and happiness.
One post at a time.
So that's what I'll do with this post. Spoil you, and the next pretty awesome, amazingly (crazy) person I'm about to introduce you to.

Ladies and gentlemen,

My kitten, my guinea pig, a cutiepie I'd like to have around forever;

she also has a great hair-in-beard-thing going on.. amazing!

This is Natalie (Nathalie) and she is probably that one girl that everybody knows.
Because she leaves a trail of bubbles and laughter and the most random words that don't make any sense, but still get stuck inside your head.

Just like Merel and Rik, Nathalie and I became friends in our freshman year at the Dutch academy of performing arts. But the first time we met was actually on the tram/subway.
We already recognized eachother from a theatreschool we used to go to, but we weren't really friends or anything.
We just clicked, maybe because we're so different. Or used to be so different, she really pulled me out of my shell.
We, well she, started to talk to me and she pulled me right into her crazy world.
A world full of lovely little words that had a whole other meaning before I met her.
A world with little cups of coffee before and after school, just because we liked coffee, before I met her I didn't think I would like coffee this much.
And a world like I knew it, but with a new addition, called Nathalie.

an old one, 'cause... just look at it

I don't think you know how happy I am with you as my friend, or how much of an effect you've had on my life (just like Merel and Rik).
Did you know that you're the reason why I started wearing eyeliner again? Yes, you were and now it's my staple look.

No but seriously.. You are amazing, out there, the all-up-in-your-face-kind of talented. And yet you don't realise it.
If there's anything I wish I had, it would definitely be your boldness, the way you can just go, without a plan.
Just finding out where you're heading to whilst moving. And the way you love; all or nothing.

You allready helped me with that last one.. And now I'm asking you to do the same thing.
With your talent, please just go for it. Audition, if you hide your talent from the world it will be the biggest, baddest crime anyone could ever commit.

I will be there, we all will, your family and friends and especially us the four musketeers aka your personal cheerleaders. Just go..

the fantastic four

So here you have it, the third Disney princess..
Who's next?

Kisses on your elbows,


p.s. I've written this blogpost with Rick, so give him some credit too.

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