Let's talk nails

Hello there kittycats,

I have rambled about my monthly favourites and now it's time to ramble and rave about some serious bussines; Let's talk nails!
Nails 101 the summer edition #1, yes there will be more.
So as you might have noticed, it is summer. And that means it's time to get your nails out. Paint them, take care of them and your feet and show them off in your cute peeptoe's, killerwedges or cute sandals. 

I am a nailpolish JUNKIE, there, I said it, nailpolish JUNKIE! *sings Amy Winehouse Rehab*
I love nailpolish, the smell, the effect it has and the way it completes any outfit. When I'm sad, I paint my nails, when I'm happy; I paint my nails, bored?!? I'll paint my nails. It is rediculous, to the point where I get frustrated when I see girls with chipped or barely there nailpolish, 'cause they're too lazy to redo them. 
(I know I have issues.)
Okay enough with the talking, let's have a look at what I like to wear on my nails this summer.
I've been really into pinks and peach/muted shades but I might have popped a little bit of blue into this post as well.

Let's have a show of hands who's addicted to the opaque one coat (or max.two) WONDERS. *raiseres both hands and feet* 
Yes they do excist; one/two-coat-wonders, they're like the superhero's in the land/world of nailpolishes.
Let's start with the H&M one, I love me some H&M nailpolishes. They're cheap, easy to apply but really opaque looking. It's an on again-off again thing-fling we've got going on.
But this summer; it's on, we're on and we're having a babyblue love-affair.

meet our lovechild

Isn't he pretty?

Babyblue by H &M

So give your hands some love too, they're the first thing you see when buy a drink or wave at your friends when your arrive at the beach. They're also the first thing that cute guy sees when he shakes your hand or when you get all sassy and write your phonenumber on his hand. Just sayin'...

Kisses on your elbows and freshly painted nails, or hands 'cause else things would get messy..


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