The one with the song

guess this party's over..

Hello there kittycats,

I thought it would be nice to have a moment of silence, so we can say goodbye to summer in a appropriate way.
Yes.. Summer has died, ended, stopped, ran away I guess, in the Netherlands.. The nice waterfights the clouds were having just to let things cool down have turned into autmnal storms.. with here and there some bits of sunshine.
I couldn't be more in shock.. and at the same time.. I don't have any trouble shopping for autumn and winter clothing right now, at all.. So.. you know, always look on the bright side of life..
.. But still *sits there in shock, whilst making wishlists on Asos*

Since my wishlists are ridiculously long, I thought I'd share a lovely Song from Ed Sheeran.
With the right amount of comfort and lovelyness, it's a love song I'd like to dedicate to Summer.
The one that got away, Gone to soon (and other Katy Perry and Michael Jackson songs)

Just listen and let us say our goodbye's to summer in peace.
It's for the better.

Well there are plenty of  fish in the sea and all that jazz (getting all Chicago for you aren't I..)
We'll get another one next year, or the year after that...

Did you know christmas is only 19 fridays away??
See? I'm already over it.. I guess

Kisses on your elbows,


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