The ultimate challenge #1

Puggs always put a smile on my face

Hello there kittycats,

I guess the sun got scared we would never talk to her again... So as I'm typing this.. she came out to play. In a minute sun, I have to wright this first.

This week I've been nominated to name three positive things a day, for five days in a row.
Best challenge ever.
I am a really positive person in general. But it's really hard to be happy and positive sometimes.
I still think I'm doing a pretty good job so far.
And because I got nominated by my dear friend Britt.. And because I like sharing the good stuff with all of you kittens..
I thought It would be nice to also share these top three's on my blog. Like little beams of sunlight..

Today's top three is:

1. The sun was shining
2. That amazing facemask that immidiatly works.. (review/post about that soon)
3. The mutated superspider was removed by our wonderful supermanager.

Short post, but I though you might like to read this...

Kisses on your elbows,


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