With fear in my eyes and the end at my fingertips

Well hello there kittycats,

Long time, no blogging..
First: Happy first day of the winter!!

I blinked once and now there are only two weeks left of 2013, what the fairy?!*shakes head in dissapointment while writing this*
So all of a sudden I feel the urge, the pressure to do a lot of things before the end of the year!

not really 31, but 15 will do as well
  1. buy the perfect wine red lipstick
  2. watch old tv series back and catch up on the new ones.
  3. have drinks with long lost friends
  4. eat churros
  5. dance all night long
  6. take new family pictures
  7. write my dearest friends a letter
  8. give a compliment to a stranger
  9. buy (glittery) sneakers
  10. make a snow angel
  11. host a party
  12. have a long walk on the beach 
  13. make januray 1st resolutions.. then break them while I still can
  14. bake a layered cake
  15. try to make at least five things on this list happen.

I think this is a good list. Not very realistic, but amazing if it's accomplished.
So off I go trying to do at least one thing of this list everyday!

Kisses on your elbows


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