While fairy's are dying

my lovely wrapped christmaspresents

Hello there Kittycats,

It is christmas eve and my fairylights have died..
I don't know if that is a sign or anything, but it deffinetly killed my christmas spirit for a moment.. hmmpff
Buuuutt... I did get to finish something of my 2013 bucketlist! HOORAY!! *really happy, ugly grinn*
Maybe you'll all say that I've cheated, but.. Instead of writing my dearest friends a letter, I have send them a verry personal and lovely christmascard! And I think that counts as a letter as well.

I am sooo excited for christmas, We've just finished decorating the table since we're having christmasdinner with the whole family at our house this year. I've been writing little christmascards and all of the presents we've bought eachother are on our kitchentable, I CAN NOT WAIT!! *transforms hands into claws and bites her teeth*I have also been a little bit naughty and went out to buy myself some last minute christmaspresents/things -I- don't- need -but- that -are- way -too- cute- to -leave- the- store -without!!

Like tissues with PINK elephants, PINK ELEPHANTS, it almost makes you want to have a cold.. almost
So while fairy's (lights) were dying and I was really sad about that, I am still really excited for christmas and I will take a lot of pictures so tomorrows post, or the day after will be all christmassy and lovely.
Merry christmas little snowfairy's

Kisses on your elbows


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