Christmas ramble

Hello there kittycats,

While licking last nights christmasdinner leftovers off my freshly manicured fingers I realised something;
I ate way to much food these past two days, and I really need to eat healty again.. 'cause else they will have to roll me down the stairs, if I want to go outside.
We had THREE desserts last night, THREE!!


I hope you all had a lovely day with your loved ones!
I opened up lots of christmaspresents, ate way to much food and laughed so hard I thought I was either going to throw up or poop my pants!

Today I just layed in bed like a happy fat chinese cat, trying to figure out how I can possibly go to the beach and eat churros, bake a layered cake and breath within one week!! What was I thinking making that stupid bucketlist?!
But being a well fed happy winterchild now, means I have to get back to bussines and spend time with my friends tomorrow. What a horrible way to spend your day!

I seem to ramble a lot in this post..
Sorry for the high randomness level of this post, my next one will be better!
I promise!

white chocolatemouse with forrest fruit.

chocolatecake.. just because we're worth it

Kisses on your elbows.


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