la conseils la dernière minute

Hello there kittycats,

As almost every other blogger on this planet, I have also decided to post a last minute blogpost.
The last one of 2013.. How sad!
Since there are only 2 hours left of this year I thought I would do a last minute advice post!
Like the title says.. In french (how sophisticated...)
1. Make sure you always, I mean ALWAYS  carry some glitter or confetti with you in your handbag/pockets, you never know when it will come in handy.

2. Learn how to bake a cake, or decorate cupcakes. It is the cutest gift you can give someone on their birthday/party.

3. Never restrain yourself from singing (along) in public. It is way to much fun to see all the other people's faces when you do it. (they want to sing along too, but are to shy to do it, you might get some people to sing with you)

4. Don't do anything in life without passion. Love with passion and hate with a passion.That way you can fully commit to something. And not feel guilty about not being able to do other things, because of that. Because at least you were in it for the full 100%

5. Send people cards, handwritten cards.. It is a lot of fun to do and verry unexpected, since we all communicate through the internet/phone nowadays.

6. Please do not put firework up a cats bummwhole.. or I will smack you in the face with a meathamer and throw you in the fireplace at my local junkyard.

7. Give a compliment to a stranger at least once a week. It is verry satisfying and creates love and harmony around the world. *movie-like peacefull music*

8. Don't overthink everything, it is okay to eat that last cookie. And it is okay to buy another present for yourself or someone else. Or to call a friend you have neglected for the last couple of months.(he/she still loves you). And it is okay to want to have a cat, while you're allergic and allready think about what to name it.


I hope you all have a lovely New years eve and I will see you in 2014!!

Kisses on your elbows.


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