Hello December

December the fifth..

Welcome winter, my love, my life, the joy that fills my heart whenever I know you're comming..
It is december, YEEEEHH!!!
That means that the last month of 2013 has finally started and we are one step closer to christmas!!
*happy awkward christmas dance*
I just love this time of year, the (scented) candles, fairy lights, hot chocolate, warm sweaters and my gloves/mittens with nice ribbons that get stuck in the spokes of my bike. (picture it, yes I do fall of my bike.. again)But beside the bleeding noses, caused by glove accidents. And the dying parts of my body caused by the cold. I really love this time of year! It gives me the warm fuzzy's!
So to get you little grinches' in the festive mood I have collected some of my favorite christmassy, wintery, festivy (I don't think that's even a word) photographs for now!

I crave this.. I really do..
the ideal christmasprincess outfit.. if I had a dog to go with it..

fairy lights, they make the world a better place, in december-februari

okay this one wasn't necessary, but how can you not fall in love with kittens and christmas at the same time?

Okay that's it for this random post!

Kisses on your elbows and cold wintery noses!


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