Dear Britt, this week I've been #10

Dear Britt,

I didn't really feel like writing you a letter today. So that's why I am now trying to write one whilst getting ready to go to bed.
First of all: All the heart-eyed emoji's for you and your superhero action and supporting your classmate. I am one proud friend over here!
Second: I've said it before and I'll say it again; You will do great tuesday (WOW it's tuesday already, not trying to make you nervous, promise!)
And you can handle this amount of responsibility and stress. It's going to be a lot less sleep then you're used to and you will be on the edge of crying or going insane, most of the time. But it will be worth it and you will succeed. You know it too, I know that. I just wanted to make sure you read it again before the week starts.

This week has been.. Really lovely and busy and long and late and much more.
My classes went great, I found turqoise in that one class I told you about in my last letter.
So that's a start. And I sang a lot this week, which felt great. And after the 14-hours project I am really proud of my classmates and our school in general.

I don't feel like talking about what happened in Paris, because you already know, we all know.
And it made feel sick to my stomach and I cried a lot. Because once again humanity broke my heart.
It may sound dramatic. But that's exactly how it felt. So fridaynight 2 AM (after the 14-hours) I walked to the station with a broken heart. There were men fighting and I thought I was about to either get involved in their fight or had to call the police. The cherry on top.
But something lovely happened as well. I walked into a man who needed to get to the station (as well). I thought he would just walk off after getting the directions. But instead he stayed with me and we walked to the station together and had a lovely conversation. Nothing special. No deep things, nothing about Paris or the hurt in the world or about our deepest and darkest fears and secrets. Just the basics, trying to get to know the person we were walking with.
It was a 15 minute walk and when we got to the station we parted ways with just a name and a casual; "I'll stop by your work tomorrow for coffee".
He didn't come to my work, I didn't think I would be as excited by the thought of seeing him again.
But I was. Probably because that night this man put my heart together again. Without realising it.
He was a ray of sunlight in the middle of another dark night on this planet.
He wasn't being rude or a creep, he asked questions and listened to my answers, answered my questions and in the end he told me his name. You would think that in the world we live in right now there's no such things as geniune interest or at least I am scared there isn't.
But there is. There are still people who want to walk to the station together and have an actual conversation. And people who will make video's on how to make the world a better place. And people who demonstrate and people who try to make a difference by being the difference.
John, that's his name, was being the difference and I don't think he realised it.
I could have talked to him for hours, become friends with him and have a long-dinstance friendship (since he's British). But instead he only lightened up my night and things went back to normal.

Sorry to interrupt your letter Britt.
But I needed to use this space for John. Maybe he'll never read this. But at least I told you about him.

Dear John,

Thank you for walking in to me friday.

Kisses on your elbows,


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