Autumn survivalguide '15

9:53 PM

welcome to autumn

"In a world where the cold autumnwind slams raindrops against our windows and spiders are trying to rule the world. There's a girl, sitting on her bed trying to cope with all of this."

Hello there kitty cats,

I thought it was about time that I shared this years autumn survivalguide with you.
Another year, another list with things I think are a necessity around this time of the year.
Some things remained the same, others were added to the party, just because I look at things from a different point of view this year.
How do I think you can survive autumn? You will need:

1. A great recipe for a good ol' bowl of soup (one with pumpkin if you fancy that, or else something with vegetables)

2. A big knitted scarf which can be used as both a scarf and a blanket (on the train, in class or to hide under during awkard times)

3. A cat, always an essential. So why not during autumn..

4. A new ringtone for your alarm. It's dark when you get up, so youmight want to try something a lot more energizing, yet soothing then the one you have right now. Think 90's ballads, something you can sing along to. 

5. A group of friends who like to hug and talk when it rains. They also need to love food.

6. A nice long walk. On the beach or through the forrest or just a little wonder around your neighbourhood.

7. A new book to read. Or a film. We had to make a list of films we loved and the ones we still needed to watch with our entire class. You can do that with your friends/ family. And just pick one of these films when you're having a night in/ a lazy sunday.

8. Bake something you've always wanted to taste and turn it into your own specialty.

9. Buy some cosy socks and wear them as often as you can.

10. Remember it's just autumn. There are a shittier things to go through. And if that thought doesn't help; christmas is a couple of weeks away. here's a christmasclock to help you count down the days/hours/minutes.

I am still not a huge fan of autumn. But it's a lot nicer then last year.
Chin up munckins, at least you're not a tree, bald and cold, standing outside all day every day.

Kisses on your elbows,


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