The Power of Compliments

Hello there kitty cats,

Today I wanted to talk to you about compliments!
Everyone knows what they are, but for those of you who are new to this world/ this way of living; the confetti lifestyle.. Compliments are little rays of sunshine bundled up in words.
And depending on who gives you the compliment, you may start crying, blushing or get a little mad or offended. (read: a dirty old man talking about how great your boobs look.. VOMIT!*

We won't go into that last scenario, but we will focus on the great things that come with giving and receiving comlpiments.
I love compliments, I receive them more then I give them. Because I am just socially awkard in that way. I never know when it's the right timing to give a stranger a compliment.
With my friends and family and people I know I'm not shy to give a compliment at all, like I'm throwing that sheep around like I'm tinkerbell. (yes sheep, 'cause of the little eyes that may wonder around this blog)
But with strangers, not so much. I try to.. I really do, especially because I receive so many compliments from strangers..
Compliments make the world a little bit better, word by word. So keep on giving them.
Trust me, it has the same effect as when you receive them; A smile you won't be able to wipe of your face for at least 5 minutes. Again, depending on who gives it the effect might change.
So here's another video of one of my favourite internetsensations; SoulPancake
They made the loveliest video about the power of compliments and I just could not NOT share it with you. Enjoy!

So remember pumpkins; with kindness comes compliments, receiving and giving them.
Let's set a goal; let's compliment a stranger at least once a day. Throwing kindness around like confetti!

Kisses on your elbows,


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