Being a dog whisperer & weird chocolate eating

Hello there kitty cats,

So as I told you in my April favourites, I vlogged a lot in April.
Lot's of lovely, sunny, giggly days with my friends. Days I wanted to capture and share with you.
Like I did back in March, Meryl, Zahide and I got the opportunity to be undercover singers again as a part of the art festival 'Kijken, Kijken, Kopen'. This time we headed to Alkmaar and sang Frozens'
'let it go' and much more, multiple times to the manager of the hairsalon; 'Kinky kappers'.
We had a lovely time as always and inbetween shows I vlogged little clips for you to enjoy.
Since I didn't get to film the actual performance *read; awkward vlogging whilst singing and trying to be undercover; OR NAH*, I popped in en little clip of our rehearsel the night before.
You know, in case you think we don't actually sing on days like this.
Lot's of giggles and the most disturbing way ever to eat a Mars.
Watch it all down below...

I like vlogging these days a lot, it's me working. It doesn't seem like work, but it is.. trust me. We put just as much blood, sweat and tears into these performances as a baker puts into baking a bread.
But because it's something we love, it's just a fun day with friends, singing and laughing.
I hope you liked it and prepare yourself for some more vlogs, I shoved my camera up a lot of my friends faces! It'll be in Dutch, but I'll try and vlog in both Dutch and English, pinky promise!

Watch the previous vlog with Meryl and Zahide here.

Kisses on your elbows,


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