Drunk on love

Hello there kitty cats,

I am really sorry for being so MIA, but the most amazing, life changing thing ever happened; I got accepted to the school of my dreams; THE theatreschool in Amsterdam! *awkward happy jumping whilst clapping hands and making weird squeaky noises*And eversince I got the phonecall, I've been this weird kind of drunk/high and I've been floating around in my little bubble for days. I still don't know what it is I'm feeling. But it's all so surreal.
I've received so many sweet and lovely textmessages, likes, voicememo's and best of all; cards, hugs, chocolate and even a fancy night out!

And it is in this moment that I know I'm surrounded by amazing people. The people who are there to tell me how special I am or how much they love me, before I even know it myself or can think of a reason.
As one of my dearest friends wrote; You only need 1 person who's always there for you, who supports you and truly believes in you. 
And I feel blessed to be able to say that I have more then one person. I am surrounded by amazing people. And each and every one of them gives me that feeling.
I've discovered this side of my friendship with so many people this week, that I allmost feel embarrased that I never realised it before.

Okay this is turning into a huge emotional ramble, what I'm trying to say is; Thank you, thank you all so much for the crazy amount of support and love that I've felt this week! even more this week..

I love you

Kisses on your elbows,


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