The kidney man

Hello there kitty cats,

I don't know if it's a Dutch thing but a couple of years ago the Dutch gorvernment started sending Body donor forms to everyone who was born in a certain year (1993 at the time). A year later they started sending those forms to everyone who was born in 1994. So as I was born in 1994 I got confronted with death in a very weird way.
I always wanted to be a body donor. I also still want to be a blood donor, but I haven't taken the time to actually look into it yet..
But here I was, with the body donation form in front of me.
So as determined as I was I started ticking off the little boxes in front of the different body parts.
heart: tick
lungs: tick
intestines: tick
kidney's: tick
stomach: tick
liver: tick
vocal cords: tick
muscles: tick (I don't do fitness or bodybuilding so whatever muscle they can find, they can have it!)

And some other bits and pieces I happily ticked of.
My inside was officially gone. Ready to be given away whenever the moment would come.

Then they asked about the outside, the parts that make me, me.
skin: tick (they'll make sure I get to wear something that covers everything up right?! It's not like they're going to strip me to the bone)
cornea's: uhm.. tick, no wait.. I don't know. those are my eyes. But it will really help someone.
I don't know.. I have to know before I tick it off.. obviously..

So I put away the form and rethink about what I want to donate, when I die.

A couple of weeks ago a regular customer at work, announced that he was going to donate his kidney to his wife.They were an actual match! It took a year but in a week it would actually happen.
Donating your kindey to your wife. Knowing that it will actually have a big influence on your health as well. He would not be able to work for at least three months. Yet this meant more to him then anything in the world. Being able to help his wife, keeping her alive by literally giving her a piece of him. Soulmates by body and heart.

So I go online to the donor register determined to really fill in the form and send it this time.
But I want to feel sure, more at ease before I seal the deal. About my own death..

So I close the form and rethink about what I want to donate, when I die.

Kisses on your elbows,


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