My Birthday card to me..

12:04 AM

Hello there kitty cats,

20 minutes before you turn 21 is the perfect moment to evaluate your life, right?!
I am turning 21 withing the next 20 minutes and I as with every birthday I always like to look back on the years that have passed and the one that's about to come.
I don't want to turn 21.. can we just skip this part and go to the number 25, where I'm settled and content??.. I just don't have my things together yet.. high heels, higher standards.. I guess.. that doesn't make any sense!! You see what I mean?!

1. I am still single, #SingleSally
2. I am still living with my mom (love it, but it's really time to move out!)
3. I am still working as a waitress, even after graduating in musical theatre... yeah great things people.
4. I still have the same best friends I had this time last year AWESOME THINGS!!
5. I still want to become an actress and work in the entertainment industry
6. I am still addicted to chocolate someone send help please!!
7. I still want to move to London.
8. I am still not up to date on music and movies / TV shows... granny!!
9. I am still bad at making decissions.
10. I am still afraid of spending a lot of money on things I really want!

So a lot of things have stayed the same. pfff..
But a lot has changed since I turned 20 last year;
I learned to love myself and every wobbly bit that comes with it. (It's comes with the package)
I learned to be nicer to myself (still learning though)
I learned to just be.. be happy, be friendly to everyone. Throwing kindness around like confetti.
I learned to stand for what I believe in.
I learned to be sassy and be the woman I always wanted to become.

Turning 21 is a big thing, the final number.. I am an adult now. Oh snap, sh*t just got real..
Yeah,. I am pretty happy with what I have achieved over the past few years, especially since I turned 20.

The woman I am today is a woman I am really proud of. 
Happy Birthday to me, from me!

Kisses on your elbows,


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