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8:56 PM

Hello there kitty cats,

And HAPPY FEBRUARY!!! welcome to the shortest but sweetest month of the year!!
January is gone so that means two things: We are one step closer to my favourite season; SPRING!
And it will be my 21st birthday in three days! Exciting stuff ladies and gents..
As I mentioned in the blogpost about my life resolutions, I wanted to document my life a lot more.
Through this blog, but also through my 5 year memory book, photo's and little video's (curious about the exact things on my list of life resolutions? click here.. I know you want to)
So I started doing that.. Here's a little vlog of another lovely sunday spend with my sweet girly Britt.
We started shooting outfits at 11;30 (on a sunday!!!!!) and that escalated into coffee and shopping without a purpose.. that's never a good idea.
I filmed little bits here and there and put it all together in this vlog, I hope you like seeing more of me and what I love to do (I promise I like more things then just coffee, cake and shopping. I really do)

I still haven't decided whether to vlog in Dutch of English. Since I'm Dutch, but my blog's in English.. do you hate my accent?? Do you even hear I have an accent? I vlogged in Dutch before..but I prefer doing things in the same language.. Let me know what you think!

Enjoy your sunday night little bumblebees!

Kisses on your elbows,


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