A night filled with love

10:47 PM

Life is so good.. 

Hello there kitty cats,

I'm sorry I've been so MIA.. Last time we spoke it was my birhday and after that I didn't do that much except for getting sucked into this whirlwind of work, school and being 21.
Which means I also celebrated that last one.
On valentines day, the day on which we are obligated to celebrate love with everyone else in the world, all at ones.. how lovely!! Meryl and I decided to celebrate our birthdays together.
So that's what we did! I wanted to vlog, but I was too busy being the birthdaygirl/hostess to even pick up my camera.
We had all the red velvet cupcakes (with the sugarheart sprinkles of course), white chocolate chip cookies, chips and dips and wine and vodka may have attended the party as well.
(I do not support underage drinking, I am 21.. it's legal all over the globe now)
I got the most amazing birthdaypresents in the world, both that night and on my actual birthday.
And I may have bursted out into crazy woman laughter, which turned into happy tears, which turned into actual I- am -crying -like -they -gave -me -a -kitten-tears... It was a foundation.. But more about that soon.

What I'm trying to say is: I had an amazing two birthdayweeks, birthweeks... that's officially a thing now! And I couldn't be more blessed and gratefull for the amazing people I get to call my friends (and family). Thank you for all the birthdaywishes, amazing presents and most of all; all the love and warmth you've given me not only on that night but over the years and hopefully the many to come.

This is the end of this very emotional blogpost.

Short but sweet, to ease you into reading "me" again.

*André 3000 voice* "Shake it like a polaroid picture"

Kisses on your elbows,


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