Not a pussycat dolls song

this says it all

Hello there kitty cats,

Daydreaming, dreaming in general.. It's what I do, it's what keeps me alive.
Little bit dramatic, but (day)dreaming is like breathing to me, it's safe, it's wild, it colors outside every single line.
Without doing anyone any harm.
I hate it when people say; "That will never happen..", "You're a girl from the Netherlands..", "You're too young", "He's a celebrity", "They won't have that show anymore when you're ready to audition".
Someone has to be the first.

And I'm ready to be the first. Ready to be the first black girl that ever plays Tracy in Hairspray, or the first black Belle in Beauty and the beast.
I am ready to be the first person (in my group of friends) to audition in England for the Royal academy of dramatic arts, or West End or some kind of audition there.. Or at least try.
I am ready to stop looking at people's lifes and wish I had the gutts to do the same. I am ready..

The whole  'When I grow up' - excuse I used to make for myself, the one everyone uses for themselves so they don't have to get things done right now..
It's done.. I'm done.
It's time to start investing in myself, my hopes and dreams.. they got me this far, babysteps, but this far.
They give me hope and let me believe in the person I want to become. The person I am today, tomorrow and probably for the rest of my life.
This is When I grow up.. it starts now.
So while I am working on a 'plan de campagne'.. I am going to bother you with this post..

I may not become the new mrs Butler* anytime soon, but those are only the little harmless fantasies.
The real dreams are the ones I have to go for right now.
Before I get scared, again.. And live a life I didn't aim for.
I am going to aim higher, higher then healthy if that's even possible.

'When I grow up' starts now..
So thank you pussycat dolls, for the lovely song.. But no thank you.

*paints warrior stripes on face with eyeliner*

Kisses on your elbows,


* As in Gerard Butler's wife.. google him!

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