Autumn leaves

you better start changing the colours of your flowercrowns.. Autumn's back!

Hello there kittycats,

OH MY LEAF I missed the first day of Autumn!!
Not really, but on the blog! I didn't throw my confetti leaves in your little faces and stuffed you with autmunal foods!
There's so much I want to tell you or that I want to talk about!
Because there are so many exciting things that are happening/ has happened or that I'm planning!
Like my blog turns one next month.. that's just so weird! And I'm starting at a new school, I've seen so many of my old friends and things are just really really nice at the moment.

But because of all the hassle (is that even a word?) that comes with starting school and being busy and lazy I couldn't really gather my thoughts and put them into a good blogpost.

So to make it up to you here are my favourite autumnal blogs (and)/ instagram accounts for the days you'll spend inside.. you know 'cause of the rain or the spipocalypse* that's on it's way! (Close your doors and windows and find a safe glass house-sized box to hide in untill spring)
It's going to be shitty weather and you need blankets, a big cup of tea, some nice music, candles and something good to read or watch!

So get ready for a nice opening - of - the- season-styled list of nice blogs!

Studio DIY: amazing, bubbly and really colorful! It has been my go to instagram page for lovely color schemes and fun all over this summer! And I bet it will continue to give me that throughout autumn as well! www.studiodiy.vom


Havermoutje (dutch for oatmeal):  is a instagram account I just LOVE! One I stumbled upon by accident.
But I just can't stop liking their pictures.. they make delicious meals and the photographs are so fresh and light and it is deffinetly my food/ foodography crush! they leave the link to their blog which has all the recipes below, each picture, CUTE


Raspberry & Rouge: An amazing fashionblog and instagram account. Just for fashion inspiration and if you'r a fan of great photography and pretty faces. Go visit her blog as well!


Feel good by food: Another one for you (healthy) foodies out there!
Also a really nice account, also dutch! (representing the dutchies here aren't I) Not as cute as havermoutje but more mature and casual! And of course healthy! 'cause you gotta get them vitamines with this weather!


And last but not least the amazing Livpurvis: Olivia from the amazing blog; What Olivia did!
I allready mentioned her in my last monthly favourites. Her blog is this amazing superfashionable and fun and pretty, really pretty website I just can't get enough of. But her instagram is lovely and cute with lots of baking and nice snippets of her life! I'm nosy so I love seeing what people are up to via pictures!

*Meryl Streep voice* That's all!

I hope you'll enjoy reading and watching these little accounts and blogs, 'cause they're AMAZEBALLS!

Lots of love and kisses on your elbows,


p.s. all the pictures used in this post are either from the blogs mentioned above or their instagram!

 *a apocalypse with spiders..

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