August favourites

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Hello there kittycats,

Another month, another monthly favourites!
Three days too late, but because of this awesome new feature on this post it took me a little longer to get it all perfect and worthy of your time!

For this months favourites/favorites post I did a little collab with my dear friend Anouk (like the singer). She is an amazingly talented artist and she drew some of my favourite moments of the month!

August was lovely, almost as good as july.. almost.
It was filled with laughter, long nights, early mornings and lots of lovely people.
Let's go over it one more time!

look it's me, crying at the movies!

1. Seeing the fault in our stars, crying my eyes out and developing a huge talent/girl/overall crush on both Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort. 2. Having a lovely dinner with friends, some wine and cassave and aoli 3. baking white chocolate chip cookies 4. Mason jars (or the dupe) 5. the blog what Olivia did with giftcards again 7. Scandal and my rediculous crush on president Fitzgerrald Grant... Sorry I need a moment.. *drifts off into a daydream*

9. making my first MAC purchase, this amazing concealer just WOW 10. A night of drinks that turns into a night of music. 11. Bands that play in the middle of their audience 12. Ed Sheeran 13. The ultimate challenge aka operation good vibes (positivity tot the MAX.) 14. A night with friends and lots and lots of Wii games
15. smiling (back) at (handsome) people (men) 16.The night VI - Sienna, my song of this month

look it's me on the back of Britt's scooter

17. First time on the back of a scooter  (I almost pooped myself) 18. miniature cubicles on top of cute rings 19. Backingvocals during the musical sing-a-long, which means; working with the most amazing orchestra in the world 20. rainy nights spend inside 21. scented candles 22. Laura Merciers' ugly-crying-expensive, but -perfect- in -every -way- foundation and the dream to buy it one day

23. having coffee and cake with one of my oldest friends, she's like an old pair of jeans. Sometimes you forget you have them, but when you put them on you know why you didn't get rid of them yet and never will be able to. 24. huggs from tall people 25. skyping 26. a helping hand from a gentleman at each stairs.

And the last one:

and here's me in shock and overwhelmed!

what the fuzz??!!  Thank you so SO much for following and or reading my blog!
I love to share these little bundles of joy and weirdness with you!

So that was august! I hope you all had a lovely month and will have a lovely month/year/life!

And of course another special Thank you to Anouk for drawing these amazing images! I love them so much!
I hope you all liked them too and maybe we'll turn it into a regular thing!

Lots of love and kisses on your elbows,


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