Yellow brick wall

12:25 PM

Hello there kitty cats,

It currently feels like I am slowly dying of a bad cough and a headache, mixed with aching bones a.k.a. the flu Romy.. stop overreacting, I hear ya think! 
So to keep myself alive I thought it was about time to share another outfit with you. *brings out all the balloons and cupcakes*
A couple of weeks ago Britt and I spent the afternoon chatting away in bagels & beans and then ran off for a quick outfitshoot. And of course we managed to take some brilliant ones on the most colourfull location I've ever seen in Rotterdam. So as I knew where I wanted to shoot, I completely planned out my oufit, it's a real monochrome one, with not one bit of color in sight. But the surroundings make up for it.
This is my Twiggy/70's/ spicegirl ponytail-mini-dress-playfull- and -a -tad -sexy- "spring" outfit.

casually looking at the wall.. 

Who would've thought I would actually wear a mini dress with sheer tights and high heeled boots?! Well I deffinitely didn't, but I love this outfit! What do you think of the backpack? I am having a thing for them at the moment. And I have had this white backpack for almost a year now and it has never made an appearance on my blog before! How rude! I absolutely love these yellow walls and how it makes the outfit look even more Austin Powers like.. Or Charlies Angels, I haven't decided yet!
I am so excited for spring! I can't wait to pair this outfit with a denim jacket and not freeze to death. (The behind the scenes info is that I wore my big grey coat and a scarf over the top)Thanks again Britt-love for being my Nigel Barker!

What am I wearing?
Dress: New Look similar  here
Backpack: New Look similar here
Shoes: Zara similar here & here

Happy Saturday pumpkins!
Kisses on your elbows,


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