Dear Britt #20

I really want to learn how to make this!

Dear Britt,

Apparently it has been two weeks since I last wrote a blogpost and even three weeks since I last wrote you.
So I thought it was about time!
This is the first letter I am writing to you from my own cosy little bedroom in Amsterdam!
That's right I've moved out! There were many tears and a lot of carrying my own bodyweight and more in boxes up and down multiple stairs (and into an elevator, as my fancy apartment in Amsterdam has!) and it was a bit of a hard one at first. But actually have a place to stay in Amsterdam! And it is my own, with my own stuff in it, think; 'Toothfairy and garden of Eden gone wild in IKEA'.
Wow these past two weeks have been insane, the first one involved going to IKEA, buying a shitload of stuff and moving everything like a mad woman, combined with saying goodbye to my old home, room and madre and the little koalabear I call Sestra. And the last one involved my first two nights in Amsterdam!
Britt I get to sleep at least an hour longer then I used to! ONE HOUR!! I can't tell you how amazing that feels.

Oh and my roommates are just the best! They are so lovely and sweet and we already had dinner together twice. And we wanted a show to watch together and Pretty little liars is the thing we're addicted to now.
We actually watched two episodes tonight! I am having a great time here so far. I hope you're doing well too!
Will you come over and see my pretty new room? With the same bed you have at your dad's house?
And meet my lovely roommates?

Have a good week babe!

Kisses on your elbows.


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