March favorites

Hello there kitty cats,

Tomorrow is april fools, so that can only mean two things; stupid pranks (I only call them stupid because I'm always the one who gets pranked, sorry) and that today's the last day of march!
How did this happen?!
Well March has been the most exciting month of this year so far, so of course I want to tell you all about it by listing my monthly favorites!
You know the drill, Ladies and Gents, here are my favorite smells, animals, moments and people of March:

1. Moving out, In case you haven't heard; I am a citizin of Amsterdam now and I have the most amazing roommates so of course they are my second favorite thing this month 2. my roommates, they are really #squadgoals, it even feels like we're our own #girlgang 3. my new bed 4. All the cat/animal video's on Facebook. What a time to be alive 5. Wine tasting with my entire school 6. mint green nailpolish 7. working with another department at school and actually working with a director who's not a teacher 8. Coffee and sandwiches on a rainy day with Anouk 9. Train journeys with Nathalie 10. Hot chocolate with whipped cream 11. Pretty little liars (it's a thing with my roommates and we're taking it very serious)

the girlgang

12. A day in Rotterdam spend with Britt 13. My mom and little sister, talking about kick-ass women 14. making Chili con Carne 15. Sushi, beer and all the poetry with my class 16. Boardwalk by Little May (I've added it on my blog, it really was this month's jingle/soundtrack)
17. New notebooks 18. Discussing adopting a chicken with my roommates 19. A date night with Meryl 20. Theo James, the ultimate babe a.k.a. Four from the Divirgent movies21. My new home

So that's all! Oh I forgot; winter turning in to spring.
But I hope you've had a lovely month. Let's bring on April!

Kisses on your elbows,


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