Dear Britt, this week I've been.. #2

6:08 PM

Dear Britt,

First of all I am so proud of you and the fact that you're putting so much time and efford into something as big as a charityconcert.  You're officially a new kind of awesome!
And you are going to kick ass at your auditions. As long as you show/do the best you can in that moment, there's no reason for you to be scared. Just make sure you do an audition you can be proud of. Despite if that's not the audition you predicted/hoped for in your dreams.

The fact that you already thought I would fit in with my new class is just lovely on a whole new level! I had a really long and lovely week!
We finished our workshop with Adelheid this week. As you know, one of our assignments during these two weeks was to spend an entire day alongside one our classmates.
A day in the life, but in real life. We had two days to spend together, visiting our hometowns, highschools, grandparents and sharing little details of our little life outside of school.
With all the information we'd gathered, we made a short performance..
Which we presented to our loved ones, who were also a part of those days.
I didn't feel nerveous at all, but as soon as I realised we were about to portrait eachothers tiny little details, that made us the person we are today, for everyone to see.. I kind of shit myself..
But all went well and everything was pretty and theatre worthy.. And our principal even called us hopefull. Not the mean kind, but the promising kind.. I guess promising is a better word.. Let's go with that!

Did you know our school has a roof terrace? We spend our entire friday afternoon there, with not only our classmates, but also some of our ATKA parents. We had all the food and lovely conversations.
And things got so magical and lovely that I felt sad to go home. But I also felt excited because that day I realised this is going to be my home away from home and the family I chose for the next four years. I am really starting a new chapter in life.. My mind is still blown.

I hope to see you soon my love!

here's a unicorn, to express my magical week and my love for you! ;)

Kisses on your elbows,


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